Enjoying Great Entertainment With Friends

Enjoying Great Entertainment With Friends

Two Cool Team Building Games To Help Your Sales Staff Build Stronger Communication Skills

by Zoe Ruiz

Team building exercises are one of the best ways to get your staff motivated and also help them improve communication. However, some team building events tend to not be very exciting. They might have people sitting around, and talking and engaging with one another verbally. While this certainly can be effective at improving communication, it's not the most fun or dynamic experience in the world. So, if you are planning a team building exercise for your office, and do want something that is exciting, then here are two suggestions.

A Doubles Poker Tournament

Poker is super fun, and the rules are simple enough that most people can learn to play it very fast (especially Texas Hold Em) even if they are not fans of watching the WSOP on ESPN. The doubles format tournament is the perfect team building exercise. Normally poker is a an individual game (unlike something like bridge) but you can set up a tournament where employees are paired up and compete in teams for the prize. You can offer a gift certificate to a local restaurant or spa as the top prize. You can read up on the basic rules to get a sense of how the game is run.

Escape The Room Puzzle Experience

This one is great if you are not keen on a gambling style game, or you have a smaller group of employees who don't know anything about poker and you don't think it would be a quick task to teach everyone the rules of the game. The basic premise of these escape the room puzzles at places like Houdini’s Room Escape, is that a group of people are locked in a room. Then they have a set amount of time to escape before the "event" happens. Some escape the room scenarios evoke a spy movie where there is a ticking explosive, while others use a Zombie apocalypse style environment where there is a horde of zombies ready to crash into the room.

The goal is for everyone to work together to figure out how to open the door and get out of the room. This entails teamwork in deciphering the clues about the room and working like detectives to solve the problem. It's super fun and you can either bring in a team building expert to design one in your office, or you can bring the staff to one of the escape the room events in your area.


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Enjoying Great Entertainment With Friends

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