Enjoying Great Entertainment With Friends

Enjoying Great Entertainment With Friends

Follow A Few Tips To Make The Most Money When Selling Video Games

by Zoe Ruiz

Owning a computer and playing games on it provides you with a very customizable experience. While you can buy all sorts of games online, the digital sales market dominates when it comes to PC games. This makes playing consoles beneficial because you can buy a disc from a store and then sell it later. The main risk that comes with this is that a digital copy does not need to be maintained because it is in the cloud. But, you will need to make sure that the physical copy is able to be sold once you are finished playing. To maximize the amount of money you make when selling games, you should keep a few tips in mind.

Be Careful When Playing Games

The most important thing is making sure that you are careful at all times. When you take the CD out of the box, you want to avoid touching the bottom side with your bare hands. In most cases, it will just lead to small smudges that can be cleaned off with an electronics cleaner. But, there is a small chance for your nails or something sharp causing a scratch on the surface, which can cause issues with running the game. This will reduce the price that you can get for the game or prevent you from selling it at all.

Take High-Quality Photos

When you decide to go the route of selling it to a person or business online, you will want to take the highest quality photos possible. Since this is the only thing that people will be able to go off with an online sale, the quality of your photos will help to determine how much someone is willing to pay. For instance, photos that can clearly show there are no marks on the bottom side will lead to the best offers.

Keep the Receipt

Once a game is opened, you will typically only be able to trade it in for an exact copy. This is helpful for when your CD might have an issue that you cannot fix by downloading an update for the game. You should keep all the receipts for your games to give out the receipts when you are selling them. This way, they can use the receipt if they end up experiencing a major problem in the game that they cannot fix themselves.

Following these tips should give you great potential when it comes to selling used video games.


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Enjoying Great Entertainment With Friends

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