Enjoying Great Entertainment With Friends

Enjoying Great Entertainment With Friends

Racking Your Mind: 3 Tips To Winning Escape Room Games

by Zoe Ruiz

As far as group activities go, escape rooms are perhaps some of the more fun activities that you can partake in with a large group. In fact, escape rooms have become increasingly popular in America, with approximately 243 rooms scattered all over the nation. These rooms present different scenarios and puzzles that must be solved for the entire group or party to escape from the room. It involves and requires team work, complex problem solving skills, effective communication between group members and co-operation. Everyone's in it to win it. If you're thinking of signing up to participate in an escape room activity, here are 3 winning tips to keep in mind.

Work with People that You Are Familiar With

Although playing with new people can be a lot of fun, your first time participating in an escape room activity will run a lot more smoothly if you try the game out with people that you are familiar with, like coworkers or friends. This helps eliminate any time that might be wasted on getting to know one another. In addition, you'll be familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of each member in your group and will be able to delegate work accordingly.

Listen Closely to the Tips and the Instructions

If you want to win, then you most definitely have to listen closely to the tips and to the instructions that are provided in the beginning of the game. Although this seems simple enough, many players seem to think that staff members are trying to mislead them. As a result, they might spend a good chunk of time focused on items or even ideas that have nothing to do with the game at all. Don't be afraid to ask for hints throughout the game. The hints can be really helpful and can point your group in the right direction.

Organize Objects Neatly Into Different Piles

Most escape rooms will try to confuse you by having a lot of different clues and items laid out all over the place. It's easy to become distracted or to become hyperfocused on an item. Make sure that you keep your group on track by organizing the items as you go. Place items that everyone has already looked at and deemed unneeded in a separate pile than from the items that are considered to be clues. Also, try to keep the room as tidy as possible.


Escape rooms can be a lot of fun. There are many different unique and interesting puzzles to solve with your family members and friends. If you successfully escape from the room, many companies will even award you with a plaque or even a certificate to commemorate the event. All in all, it's definitely a fun and worthwhile experience to try.


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Enjoying Great Entertainment With Friends

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