Enjoying Great Entertainment With Friends

Enjoying Great Entertainment With Friends

How To Unlock Rare Players On NBA Live Mobile

by Zoe Ruiz

NBA Live is a very unique experience. Not only are you playing a game, but you can participate in events that are related to an actual NBA game. You will be constantly updated regarding events and news. In order to have a full experience, you will need to unlock as many players as possible. There are many ways to unlock players in NBA Live, including using coins and participating in events. Participating in events will also net you coins, which can be used to unlock more players. However, it can be difficult to unlock certain types of players without a large number of coins unless you know how to do so.

How To Unlock Daily Sets

As you unlock players, there is a daily set you can complete. Once you complete the daily set, you will have unlocked an elite player. Award winner event packs, where you can unlock elite players, come out once every week or so. Pay attention to events because there are sometimes unusual events such ones that allow you to unlock international players. You can also unlock players from different time frames, such as the 90s. You can even unlock Michael Jordan. For this reason, the game gives you an incentive to play regularly so that you can collect as many players as possible.

How To Use A Set

In order to use a set to unlock a player or a collectible item, drag each item to a set. You can also tap an item on a set in order to remove it. You will be able to add or remove items from a set until a set has been claimed.

Why You Should Unlock Players

The advantage of unlocking a player is that some players come with special abilities. These will boost stats for individual players or for the entire team, increasing the odds that you will win a particular match. The ability can simply be activated using the ability button. You may also want to unlock a specific player you are a fan of.  

How To Obtain And Use Coins

You will obtain coins as you participate in events. Another way to obtain coins is to visit a website that sells cheap NBA Live mobile coins. This is much faster and easier than trying to unlock them yourself and are great for those who have more of a disposable income than they have free time. 


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